“Nathan Wilder” Character Concept Art

Nathan Wilder Concept Headshot, Photoshop, Kate Perkins 2020

My friends and I are starting a new Call of Cthulhu campaign this week! It’s my second time playing. The first campaign I did was with a different set of friends, in person, and I dressed up as my character – a 1920s-era heiress, amateur Egyptologist, and aspiring novelist named Dahlia Wooster. It was a lot of fun so I’m excited for this one.

My new character is a young doctor named Nathan Wilder. This game is also set in 1928, in Arkham, MA. I did some backstory writing for him…

Nathan Wilder, Age 28. Doctor at St. Mary’s Teaching Hospital, born and raised in Arkham. Tall and slim, copper hair, pale, average looks. Ideology: Poverty and disease must be eradicated. Significant People: Deceased twin brother, Archie – an archeologist who disappeared on a dig site in Polynesia. Locals claim to have seen him walk into the sea – Nathan is unconvinced and suspects foul play. Highest Skills: Brawl, Handguns, First Aid, Medicine, Biology. Possessions: doctor’s bag, handgun, letters and papers from Archibald Wilder.

The Spanish flu epidemic 10 years prior – when Nathan was eighteen – inspired him to go to medical school. He spent the last year as a travelling doctor in the Mississippi Delta, helping the victims of the 1927 flood and people suffering from Pellagra.

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