“Nathan Wilder” Character Concept – Full Body

Nathan Wilder ’28, Photoshop, Kate Perkins 2020

As a continuation of my last blog post – here’s my Call of Cthulhu character, Nathan Wilder, in all his 1928 sepia glory. I used old photographs for reference, combining a few different outfits to create his combination of soft tie, high rounded collar, textured tweed suit, and white doctor’s coat. I hope his expression and pose conveys his personality a little – serious, relaxed in his own skin, and a little impatient. There’s more important things to be doing than standing for this damn photograph! After all, he’s got a killer to find and a mystery of cosmic proportions to solve…

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2 thoughts on ““Nathan Wilder” Character Concept – Full Body

  1. This captures Nathan, who quietly exudes class, education, professionalism. The vest, textured clothing and posture while seemingly posing, catch his expression as he ponders his next procedure. From those notes?


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