A Doctor’s Bag and Cthulhu Papers

Doctor’s Bag and Cthulhu Papers Study, Photoshop, Kate Perkins 2020

I painted that doctor’s bag a few nights ago, looking at some references from the 20’s. Tonight I worked on making these papers. They’re more character items for Nathan Wilder. I considered using some stock images for the texture/tint/handwriting but then decided to try making them by hand. I’m really pleased with them!

All of the papers are letters and notes from Archie Wilder to his brother, documenting his slow descent into madness as Cthulhu, you know… “calls” to him. Most of them are about his dreams of sunken cities and how voices call to him from the deep. The earlier ones are lucid complaints about the weather and questions about Nathan’s upcoming trip to Louisiana – the later ones are covered in strange drawings and cries for help.

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