Shrine/Monolith Concept Thumbnails

Paz Monolith
Dol Kohr Shrine
Vorn Monolith
Genesaur Shrine

Here’s some oil sketches I’ve made today and yesterday – thumbnails for some art for our d&d campaign. I wanted to practice making some art based on a client brief – but the “client” is just Jacob, who very kindly provided his written descriptions.

Paz Shrine: Deep in the thick jungle of northern Abraxis you finally find the Monolithic structure you have heard much about. Although there are many legends that speak of this structure, to you – it only appears to be a large greyish blue stone sitting in a small clearing amongst the density of the jungle. You feel the arcane power of the structure coursing through the jungle in waves, almost like heart beats of energy. The structure appears incredibly ancient and the surrounding area appears well kept.

Shrine of Dol Kohr: A small shrine is revealed in an open field bathed in sunlight. It is a simple stone structure – that does not appear to be any larger than a 20 foot cube with a simple gated entrance way. There is an inscription above the door that reads – Dol’Korh – Sacrifice Brings Honor

Vorn Monolith: Deep in the Jungle you come across a large golden-domed building. Even from outside the dome, you can feel its energy moving through the area in waves, like a heartbeat.

Shrine of Genesaur: A pool of murky water stretches out before this vine and moss-covered shrine. The bridges that had once spanned across this pool of water have all been destroyed. A statue of a muscular man with elk horns and a great axe stand triumphantly in the center of the pool. The statue’s arms are raised and his mouth is open as if calling forth the elements of the forest.

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