‘2021 Self-Portrait’ and ‘Tournament Winner’

This self-portrait took 6 hours in Clip Studio Paint. I learned how to make a base with the bleed-y wet watercolor brush, put more solid colors on top with the tapered watercolor and oil paint brushes, and blended. It looks like traditional media more than what I was able to achieve before. Tournament Winner tookContinue reading “‘2021 Self-Portrait’ and ‘Tournament Winner’”

Portrait Studies Roundup – October & November 2020

Trying to use a bigger brush here. My Dragon Age: Inquisition character, Aether. He’s great. Just optical color mixing here, no glazing/layers at all. Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age, after U Ri Sol, with small brushes. And later, a Dorian Pavus made with bigger brushes and a little more hand confidence. B&W study of Astarion,Continue reading “Portrait Studies Roundup – October & November 2020”

Landscape Study from the Great Indoors

Here’s a study I made with some unusual (for me) brushes. I wanted to practice since I hardly ever do anything with a deep background and a close foreground. I think that’s pretty obvious from this study :,) There’s so many things I need to paint that I’ve not had much experience painting! This referenceContinue reading “Landscape Study from the Great Indoors”

The Alien R AZAR

I made this character concept of my friend Roxana Azar, an amazing sculptor and photographer who actually owns this outfit. This image is a combination of photobashing and painting, using this image from their instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEhOsFUDiZx/ I made a little character bio as well: The alien R AZAR, top-selling galactic artist. Original pieces go forContinue reading “The Alien R AZAR”