Shrine/Monolith Concept Thumbnails

Here’s some oil sketches I’ve made today and yesterday – thumbnails for some art for our d&d campaign. I wanted to practice making some art based on a client brief – but the “client” is just Jacob, who very kindly provided his written descriptions. Paz Shrine: Deep in the thick jungle of northern Abraxis you finallyContinue reading “Shrine/Monolith Concept Thumbnails”

Amethyst Study #1

I’m starting a new sheet of character concept art – this one is for my Dungeons & Dragons character. Amethyst Cloudsalt, an elf ranger from the cool and misty rainforests of Siddos, where emerald moss covers the impossibly tall pine trees. She has blue hair, red dragonscale armour, and a magic bow that lets herContinue reading “Amethyst Study #1”

A Doctor’s Bag and Cthulhu Papers

I painted that doctor’s bag a few nights ago, looking at some references from the 20’s. Tonight I worked on making these papers. They’re more character items for Nathan Wilder. I considered using some stock images for the texture/tint/handwriting but then decided to try making them by hand. I’m really pleased with them! All ofContinue reading “A Doctor’s Bag and Cthulhu Papers”

“Nathan Wilder” Character Concept – Full Body

As a continuation of my last blog post – here’s my Call of Cthulhu character, Nathan Wilder, in all his 1928 sepia glory. I used old photographs for reference, combining a few different outfits to create his combination of soft tie, high rounded collar, textured tweed suit, and white doctor’s coat. I hope his expressionContinue reading ““Nathan Wilder” Character Concept – Full Body”

“Nathan Wilder” Character Concept Art

My friends and I are starting a new Call of Cthulhu campaign this week! It’s my second time playing. The first campaign I did was with a different set of friends, in person, and I dressed up as my character – a 1920s-era heiress, amateur Egyptologist, and aspiring novelist named Dahlia Wooster. It was aContinue reading ““Nathan Wilder” Character Concept Art”