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Gorgon Head Studies

I’ve been trying out painting a study on paper with oil paint and some fluid acrylics, and then going over it with brushes in photoshop to push the values. I tend to make things too mid-tone, and this is helping me out. I’m currently watching a demo on light and shading by Axel Sauerwald andContinue reading “Gorgon Head Studies”

Tangerine Slices

A little study, first in oil and then in photoshop. I ate this tangerine! < blog posts ::

Kelp Farmer

I did this piece quickly for a weekly challenge, so I don’t know if it’s polished enough to go on my main page of digital art. This girl is a kelp farmer on a spacecraft. I love the idea of her kelp forest growing in a deep water tank in artificial gravity onboard a shipContinue reading “Kelp Farmer”


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