A Doctor’s Bag and Cthulhu Papers

I painted that doctor’s bag a few nights ago, looking at some references from the 20’s. Tonight I worked on making these papers. They’re more character items for Nathan Wilder. I considered using some stock images for the texture/tint/handwriting but then decided to try making them by hand. I’m really pleased with them! All ofContinue reading “A Doctor’s Bag and Cthulhu Papers”

“Nathan Wilder” Character Concept – Full Body

As a continuation of my last blog post – here’s my Call of Cthulhu character, Nathan Wilder, in all his 1928 sepia glory. I used old photographs for reference, combining a few different outfits to create his combination of soft tie, high rounded collar, textured tweed suit, and white doctor’s coat. I hope his expressionContinue reading ““Nathan Wilder” Character Concept – Full Body”

“Nathan Wilder” Character Concept Art

My friends and I are starting a new Call of Cthulhu campaign this week! It’s my second time playing. The first campaign I did was with a different set of friends, in person, and I dressed up as my character – a 1920s-era heiress, amateur Egyptologist, and aspiring novelist named Dahlia Wooster. It was aContinue reading ““Nathan Wilder” Character Concept Art”